The Battle of Virtual Offices in Ottawa: Bridgehead or Starbucks?

Finding the best of both worlds

Starbucks as the best virtual workspace?

I spend most Thursdays and Fridays in downtown Ottawa. Politics, bureaucrats, and usual suspects. Before I kick off the weekend, I like to finish off business in espresso bars. Ottawa is not yet home many single origin espressos and barista face offs. In fairness to TAN Coffee on Wilbrod Street and Illume Espresso Bar on Wellington Street (I have yet to go but hear great reviews).  If you want great espressos and wifi downtown (a necessary combo for virtual office), it’s between Bridgehead and Starbucks. This morning, I’ve been to both. Here is my take on which espresso bar doubles up as a great virtual office:

Bridgehead on Elgin

The scoop on the espresso coffee :

  • bitter roast: My personal preference is to have a coffee with less acidity and more of a roasted flavor. However, if you favor a clean and balanced finish, this place if for you
  • nice crema
  • great staff with modern decor

But the wifi is complicated. You basically have 1 hour  to finish your virtual business. Also, you must ask for the login credentials. Too many steps. This espresso bar does not make the cut for a great virtual workspace.


We have a love hate relationship with Starbucks. The list of complaints about their beans and assembly line espressos are infinite. However, when you are looking for something else than Tim Horton, we are relieved to find a Starbucks.

But when it comes to great wifi, Starbucks wins, big. They have great speeds for a public hotspot. You can go through your work for hours, and the music is not loud. When traveling, Starbucks remains the best spot to bring your virtual office on the road in Ottawa.

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