Evernote Premium Gets It Right With Business Cards Scanning

Best Way To Collect Business Cards with Evernote The core reason why I run a cloud office is to work anywhere. Working anywhere means you are going to meet a lot of cool people and collect plenty of business cards. Think of the last conference you attended. How did do you keep track of everyone you met while on the move? And who logs all of your business cards?

When it comes to my cloud office, I ruthlessly look for ways to simplify my workflow. It’s easy to get lost in the learning business when you are in the knowledge business. I choose apps that are easy to learn but powerful enough for remote work. Evernote is one of my essential core cloud office apps. But last December 2013, Evernote Premium upped the ante by simplifying the business card scanning workflow into a powerful business intelligence tool.

This is how I now organize my collection of business cards with Evernote and my iPhone:

1. Configure your initial settings on your Evernote app on your iPhone and/or iPad: Go to Evernote App > Settings (upper left) > General > Camera > Business Cards > Save Contact Info to Contacts (optional) and/or Select Notebook to save all contacts (I prefer this option because I do not want to add all my Evernote contacts to my iPhone. I can easily find them later in Evernote). In this setting panel, you should add your LinkedIn contact info (recommended otherwise, what’s the point in collecting business cards). I also recommend you complete “My Contact Info so you can easily forward via email, your own contact info on the spot.

2. Take a picture of your new contact’s business card with your Evernote app on your iPhone (Android – not yet). Select the business card feature after taking a picture in order to scan and optically recognize the characters on the card.

3. Choose if you wish to email “My Contact Info” to your new friend. This feature instantly emails your contact information to your new contact. Your new contact will remember you with this workflow.

There are plenty of benefits for choosing Evernote Premium to scan business cards. Evernote will contextualize your new contact according to the date and event entered in your calendar. Evernote will OCR your contact info and will locate your contact on LinkedIn immediately. Think of all the business cards you collected and quickly forgot how you come across this new person. Evernote will even link your previous notes or research to this new contact, thus becoming a powerful business intelligence tool.

Finally, here are a few additional resources and quick silent video to show you how fast this workflow can work for you. Good luck and remember everyone!!

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