Future of your Work: 10 Steps to Your Digital Business Education Plan for Lawyers and Knowledge Pros

Future of Business EducationMany professionals are wondering about future skills needed to stay ahead of the game for the next 5 years. In my view, acquiring new skills are wasted on the professional unless they offer the promise of a better work lifestyle. The future of professional work is being transformed today and it’s a good thing (see James Altucher’s article on How to Become a [modern] Slave).

Think of it. In a March 2013 survey conducted by Forbes, one of the happiest jobs in North America is the senior sales professional. I gasped. The benefits of this happy profession includes “decent” freedom and compensation. The least happiest is the lawyer. Gasped and gasped. Somehow I knew that. Apparently, we all hate the corporate culture and the counterproductive billable hours. We also hate the dress code.

So, will digital business transform the way we feel about work? According to the recent McKinsey & Company study, the digital transformation will impact the service industry in a major and profound way. This study shows that digital channels to deliver advice, information and similar type services reduce costs by a whopping 35%. It is not hard to anticipate that major law firms will be facing a show down with niche players occupying digital office space and a nimble workforce. Yes, things in the firm are about to face a game changing reset by the likes of solo experts.Continue Reading