Send this Lawyer back to (Modern Business) School

Last week, my friend, also a lawyer, called and insisted that I sponsor a wonderful humanitarian cause. Oddly, the more he demanded, the more I objected. At the end of the conversation, I gave him 5 reasons for saying no, which is exactly what I did. After the call, I was bewildered at my behaviour because his call to action (getting me to sponsor) should have been an easy toss. Instead, I was doggedly against giving him one penny. I wondered why because a) I like my lawyer friend, b) I like the cause he is championing and c) he was not asking large sums of money.

I was obstinate because I did not like “sold at”. However, how do I know am I not “selling at” when I argue, when I want something? An easy selling proposition is a very dangerous thing for lawyers. We don’t really know how to sell our information, our expertise. A whole generation of younger entrepreneurs have nailed the art of not selling and I have been buying ever since.

Last month, I bought over $500 of “information” from experts under the age of 40. I bought ebooks on how to become paperless, how to become rich (don’t laugh, it’s amazing), tutorials how to create podcasts and how to design cool websites. These new tutorials are changing my business world. They are intuitive and uncomplicated.

I asked myself, what would the future of lawyering look like if lawyers build their online presence with a “mix of design, metrics and psychology“, interact with their clients with neuro linguistic programming and marketing, and wired their firms like Lea and Jonathan Woodward’s agency? Could I create the first crowd sourced legal firm in the world for online business?

Everyday, I dream about how to change the law practice so to make it easier but I am overwhelmed by the quantity of technical information needed to take action. What if there were a single place where I could learn the new business and technical skills needed to redesign the lawyer for the future of business.

That is precisely why Lea and Jonathan’s Start Up Training School is the new Business School for professionals. I plan on being in business for the next 10 years. I need new literacy and business skills today.  Whether it is selling coffee online or selling legal advice online, today’s technological innovation moves too quickly for MBAs.

If you believe lawyers should give more and take less ;),  support my quest for a Start Up Training School scholarship to Start Up Training School by liking this article on your Facebook. Should I be selected  for The Start Up Training School scholarship, I promise I will report back to you on what new skills are necessary to stop “selling at you” (aka “arguing with you”).

By the way, I am reconsidering my contribution to my poor friend’s worthy cause (if he still speaks to me).


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Suzanne is a "connected lawyer" and a cloud office fanatic. Suzanne helps other professionals like her, work out of the best espresso bars in the world. Suzanne runs, & runs her business anywhere.

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