Schedule Smarter in My Gmail?
It’s Monday.I already scored in my digital pursuit to make my cloud work life, simpler. When the Marketing Coordinator at Evernote emailed me this morning to schedule a brief chat, I noticed she was scheduling me with from TryBetty.

Now, if you are like any other professional juggler, hmm, worker, scheduling can be a time drag. Think double bookings, time zones, or just plain misguided guessing.

But if you work at Evernote, you just might have an inside track on something easy. I completed my appointment with in seconds and then immediately headed off for my own trial run.

The verdict: It’s wonderful. Simple. Free.

Who Is This For:

If you use Gmail or Google Apps for Business, you are the target client. It’s great for business users who want to easily schedule appointments via email without fussing back and forth over mutually agreeable times.

The great thing is that your email recipient does not need to sign up with The recipient does not need to be a Google Calendar or Gmail user. You do, however.

In order for to work, you must be using your Gmail client within Google Chrome. No problem, right? Everyone has more than one browser open on a desktop computer.

You can use this Gmail plugin if you intend on scheduling appointments with one person.

What Does It Do: is an email based scheduler that appears in your Gmail. Send an email like you would normally do. The scheduler is now integrated to your email system.  It seamlessly monitors your Google Calendar so you never have to worry about double bookings and time zones. Your recipient can use any calendar system, like Outlook, Google Calendar or iCal (Apple Calendar).

Once your recipient selects a mutually convenient time to meet, will send an email notification of the selection to both you and your recipient.

The Downside: is not for group scheduling or scheduling with two or more recipients. Maybe soon, however. More features are expected.

Also, if you are like me and use more than just Google calendars, like iCal, will not consider your appointments outside of Google. That raises my f*&% -up probabilities.

The Bottom Line:

I love the interface and the ease of use. I am going to integrate in my cloud workflow because this cloud service is just what I need for my simple scheduling tasks. In the meantime, ScheduleOnce is still the Swiss Army Knife of schedulers for professionals or consultants on the go





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