Review of “Amazingly simple graphic design” DIY online services

Simple Graphic Design

Simple Graphic Design

Admit it. You used to read lengthy novels, the whole Sunday New York Times, and heck, even Ulysses. Without pictures. Now with tablets and smartphones, it is pretty tough to capture our interest unless there is a picture or a graphic to bring us in. If you present information to an audience, you know the power of images or blog graphics to enhance your content. Does that mean we all need to learn Photoshop or Illustrator? Thankfully, no.

Canva to the rescue! I have been testing this “amazingly simple graphic design” service for the last week. Within minutes of setting up my account, I was able to create logos, graphics without knowing anything about graphic design. Canva is an online cloud service to create great looking images and designs for your presentations, blogs, reports, Facebook and Twitter covers, business cards, posters and invitations.

I created the blog graphic for this and my previous post. I was even able to create really powerful looking presentations with easy drag and drop features. On the fly, for free!

Canva also provides premium graphics for only $1, which is unbelievable.

Obviously, if you are thinking of creating a logo for commercial purposes, you will need to negotiate the ownership of your commercial proprietary rights with your designer. Canva may not be your solution in this case.

I now consider Canva as one of my go-to-tools for enhancing the visual appeal of my content. Now you know my secret. Give it a try as well.

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