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Rethinking the way you work is to change where you work. Home can be a great place if you love your space.

When working from home, we convert the dining room table into a boardroom or workspace during the day. If you are using a laptop, you will soon find yourself with sore shoulders or neck. This happens when the elbows are level with your hands on the laptop. That leads to long term injury.

The trick is to find that table that allows for optimal biomechanics. You want your elbows to drop naturally when typing. You also want your hands to be lower than your elbows when using your computer. This provides a better biomechanics.

I decided to rethink my work table / dining room table. I also wanted a work table to double up as a conference room table without compromising on design of a great dining table. I found this great solid oak table in Ottawa at Alteriors. The chairs were higher than normal to allow the “hovering” of my elbows over the table. This seems to address the biomechanics of working at a dining table for extended periods of time. The table and chairs are designed by Edmonton based IZM group. The price point is steep but it is an “Iconoclast” table. Of course.

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