3 Tips on How to Use Evernote for Business Pros

Evernote for Business

Do you ever get the feeling there are too many apps and software to learn in this wired life? For many of us, the cloud and digital technology are not making our work easier, but rather adding a whole new layer of performance anxiety. I actually suffer from “FOMA” (fear of missing apps). Fear not. […]

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Review of Canva.com: “Amazingly simple graphic design” DIY online services

Simple Graphic Design

Admit it. You used to read lengthy novels, the whole Sunday New York Times, and heck, even Ulysses. Without pictures. Now with tablets and smartphones, it is pretty tough to capture our interest unless there is a picture or a graphic to bring us in. If you present information to an audience, you know the […]

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On Reinventing Lawyers, Consultants and Other Pros: Are You Ready?

Virtual Business

The most interesting professionals I’ve met this summer were either fired, independent or living in a trailer. I couldn’t have met a happier bunch. Ironically, according to Forbes Magazine, the unhappiest professional is the associate attorney. The reasons are well documented: lack of control, billable hour syndrome, office politics and if you ask me, the […]

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Future of your Work: 10 Steps to Your Digital Business Education Plan for Lawyers and Knowledge Pros

Future of Business Education

Many professionals are wondering about future skills needed to stay ahead of the game for the next 5 years. In my view, acquiring new skills are wasted on the professional unless they offer the promise of a better work lifestyle. The future of professional work is being transformed today and it’s a good thing (see […]

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