Evernote Premium Gets It Right With Business Cards Scanning

Cloud Office

The core reason why I run a cloud office is to work anywhere. Working anywhere means you are going to meet a lot of cool people and collect plenty of business cards. Think of the last conference you attended. How did do you keep track of everyone you met while on the move? And who […]

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On the Future of Law: Changing the Game, the Curriculum

Thanks for PicJumbo and Unsplash for cool stock photos

Imagine your lawyer advising you of the statistical probability of winning your case at 75% with a 15% margin for error.  How about crowdsourcing equity participation agreements with thousands of similar agreements to determine which provisions are more likely to be litigated? At a 2013 ReInvent Law Summit, Professor Daniel Martin Katz answered questions like […]

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Freshbooks: My Simple 4 Step Cloud Accounting Workflow

Simple Cloud Accounting

How’s the tax season going for you? I don’t think anyone hates accounting as much as I do. I’m bad at organizing my invoices, receipts and all the crazy paperwork surrounding this annual tax slumpfest. However, if I want to run my business anywhere, I need a simple system to keep me organized year round. […]

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The Proven Way to Fitness (and Performance) Resolutions for Business Pros and Other Workaholics

Forget Resolutions. Get a System

“To put it bluntly, goals are for losers…use systems as opposed to goals” – Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert and author of “How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big”. Thinking of a New Year’s Resolution? It turns out only 8% successfully achieve their goals. Energy and resilience are two of three essential features […]

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