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My Lean Office

I had lunch with an intriguing friend in Toronto yesterday.  I love this guy because we get to share conspiracy theories about american politics and gold fixing. But you don’t want to hear about that. I also love this guy because he’s everywhere. The ultimate global citizen. On a given day, he’s having lunch in Toronto, dinner in Montreal and then off to South Africa. He sleeps somewhere in between. He is a mining investment banker who has gone solo. Times are tough right now so he decided to move to cottage country for the summer. So, how will he stay connected? Well, it sure looks complicated.

His system goes like this. He emailed everyone with his new contact info for the summer. His junior associate shuttles between offices to distribute faxes and documents. His email….a address. Good grief.

What my friend needs is a “lean office” (inspired from the Lean Startup). Time to rethink the modern workspace, with the professional nomads in mind. At minimum, this is what I would recommend:

First, I would get a cloud based phone system

Get a phone numbers for all the cities you want to be virtually located. You don’t need different cells phones, just DID (direct inward dialing) numbers. If you are a little geeky, you can get your DID numbers from a “voIp wholesaler” like for about $40 per year. If you have no time to figure it all out, then sign up with Ring Central, or in Canada, Versature or Bold Beaver Communication. They will help you configure your smartphone and so you can be location independent in most cities you want. You can also route your faxes via your cloud based phone. If you can receive emails, you can receives faxes. Easy.  You will save big on long distance and callings charges and…no one will ever know that you are doing business from your patio. .

Second, I would change my email address

At minimum, own your own name (your “domain”). If your name is John Spitfire,  then register “” if it’s available. Once you registered your name, you can set up your email address, so it would look like  “”. With your personalized email address, you can change from Bell to Rogers a thousand times and never need to change your email address. Hover can help you set up your domain name. In Canada, I personally rely on Funio. Now you know how to register your own virtual real estate.

Third, start moving your work to the cloud

For many of you Generation Xers and Baby Boomers, the cloud remains a tough sell. Gen Xers and Boomers are concerned about privacy risks, as we should all be. Here’s my take on this. First, you are already being spied on (my penchant for conspiracy theories is showing again…) so sign up to Open Media if you really care about your personal privacy. If not, don’t complain. Second, there are some really easy things to do to stay safe, like encrypting all your emails. More on that later, soon. Lastly, your computer is more at risk of being dropped than having your data ripped off. My digital modus operandi is to store everything in the cloud so that if I lose my computer, I won’t freak out at the risk of losing all my work, software or pictures. Start moving your work to the cloud with Dropbox, at minimum. Once you are in cloud, it’s easy to share large files or work in progress with your colleagues and clients.

Yes, you can mix business with pleasure. Just start with a lean office for your patio.

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