My first day at Google+

It’s official, I am now on Google+. Why ? Chris Brogan. He is a well known new media blogger, author and marketing expert. He shocked many of us when he announced to Mitch Joel on  Six Pixel of Separation’s podcast interview last month that he completely quit Facebook for Google+.  You see, Chris Brogan knows Google powers the new marketing. Say for example, I am looking a lawyer, an expert in wind energy financing. I will google “wind energy lawyer”. I want the lawyer with the blog, the articles, and heck, the e-book, for Pete’s sake. I want to read what the expert knows. Should he be a hors-piste skier, I want to know that as well.

So, when the American Bar Association published an interview last week on “How Can Attorneys Use Google+ to Generate Business“, I was curious. The only lawyers I know on Google+ are younger, edgier and run their own show. There might be a digital divide between old and young lawyers. I am not taking chances. I am joining the “young” side.

In short, my self marketing is a long way from home. But, I am going to carefully study Chris Brogan, Seth Godin and my cool hip lawyer friend, Hugo Martin on Google+.  Welcome to the new Professional Development world of new marketing.

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Suzanne is a "connected lawyer" and a cloud office fanatic. Suzanne helps other professionals like her, work out of the best espresso bars in the world. Suzanne runs, & runs her business anywhere.