Build your Own Cloud Office Platform

Work Anywhere for Knowledge Pros

Are you looking to build your own cloud platform so you can have the creative freedom to work anywhere? Are you interested in learning how you can package and sell information through your cloud office? Maybe you are an independent professional working from home or a road warrior working from hotel lobbies. Many of us are finding new and easier ways to work more creatively with colleagues from all over with digital tools and personal technology.  The future of knowledge work is all about mixing business with our own cloud platform.

This workshop will show you the new cloud tools and apps to help your re-engineer how you work. You have the tools to build a powerful yet simple cloud platform where you can run your business anywhere with your Apple laptop, iPad or iPhone. No need to hire your own geeks or IT staff.


Montreal (To be announced shortly in February 2015)

Toronto (To be announced shortly in February 2015)

Quick facts:

– 50% of professionals are flexible and mobile

– 90% of professionals work outside of traditional business hours

This course is for….

If you want to set up a cloud office so you can work anywhere, this workshop is for you. If you are an independent professional, small business owner, consultant, creative type, future entrepreneur, or business traveler, this workshop is for you.

If you can can connect to wifi with your computer, you have the minimum skills to join this workshop.

The Future of your Office is your Cloud Platform

Learn why the future of your knowledge work will depend on how well you can build your cloud platform. Cloud platforms manage both your cloud office and your media channel. Learn to collaborate with online tools, answer your local call anywhere, and easily move your work .. Today’s web based tools are so easy and powerful, your business will reach new boundaries. Knowledge work is being re-engineered. Are you ready?

What You’ll Need to Build a Powerful Cloud Office

This in-Person workshop will teach you how to build your cloud office. You will learn:

  • how to personalize your email address (no more unbranded Hotmail, Gmail or Sympatico email address)
  • how Google Apps for Business simplifies, shares and sync your calendar, emails and docs in real time
  • to save, sync and backup all your work across all your devices, securely
  • to ditch your fax machine
  • why Dropbox and Evernote are essential and secure cloud solutions for your work, even offline
  • get cloud based phone system so you can be location independent and save costs
  • to find great virtual assistants and freelancers
  • smart, simple cloud accounting
  • to create your online avatar, protect your identity and sensitive data privacy in pubic WiFi hotspots
  • social media and personal marketing in the 21st century
  • e-payments and e-store solutions

The workshop is divided in 4 parts:

Part 1: Personalize your email address and manage your contacts

  • domain name registration
  • Google Business Apps to personalize your email and calendar system
  • sync your emails across all your devices
  • Smart contact management system

Part 2: Talk-Talk-Talk: Location independent cloud based phone systems

  • resources to get local phone numbers for your virtual operations
  • learn how to use Skype and other VoIP systems for business & conference calls
  • how VoIP “softphones” work on your smart phone

Part 3: Building the Cloud Office

  • why Google Apps for Business
  • save, sync and find everything in the cloud, securely with Google Drive, Dropbox
  • share and collaborate from anywhere, securely with Google Docs & Dropbox
  • essential technology for the future of small business: scanners, laptops, tablets & smart phones

Part 4: Social Media and Personal Marketing for Skeptics and Paranoids

  • is social media for you…Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest?
  • privacy and self-defence settings
  • get discovered online
  • basics, budget and resources

Workshop Fees, Registration and Locations:

Price: $295 plus HST ($18,69)= $333,35 payable to Suzanne Leclair by cheque or online registration.

2 ways to pre-register:

  • email:
  • call toll-free at 1-877-454-7795 or 1-514-758-0895

Starts at 8:30am and ends at 12:00pm

Space is limited to 10 persons for each workshop.

This is a half day workshop. We start at 8:30am and we finish at 12:00pm. At the end of the workshop, you will have the know-how and resources to create your professional mobile office and shift the way you work.

You’ll need for the workshop:

  1. your personal device(s), such as laptop, tablet or smart phone. Bring them all if you have them.
  2. curiosity


You will get a free 1 hour private online video conference as a follow-up session to help you with any questions regarding your mobile office.

Call now at 877-454-7795 for more information

Workshop speaker

Suzanne Leclair is the founder of Shift Counsel, a digital cloud platform agency dedicated in helping small & independent business professionals transition to cloud platforms for home and remote work. Suzanne is also a digital business lawyer. Suzanne splits her time between Toronto, Ottawa, Timmins and Montreal. Despite being a keen technologist, you can still reach Suzanne by phone.