How to Work from Anywhere with iPad, iPhone

For the Small Business Owners, Professionals and Consultants

Are you trying to be more productive with your iPad or iPhone? Have you ever wished you could run your small service based business from anywhere with your iPad or iPhone? Turn your iPad or iPhone into a mobile payment solution on the go?  Learn to work from home?  Do your accounting on the move. Travel light. Sign contracts or documents. Work with Windows on the fly. Share documents virtually with your clients. These topics will be covered in this upcoming live workshop. Learn the digital skills to convert your iPad or iPhone into one powerful mobile office. No need to be an expert to join this workshop.

Quick facts:

– 70% of all work will move to the cloud in 5 years

– 89% want to work when they choose

– 92% want flexibility to work from anywhere

– By 2015, more than 1/3 of the workforce will be mobile

This course is for….

If you want to be more productive with your iPad or iPhone, this is for you. If you are an independent professional, small business owner, freelancer, fundraiser, consultant, active lifestyler, volunteer, future entrepreneur, or business traveler, this workshop is for you.

If you can buy music or apps on iTunes, you have the minimum skills to join this workshop.

Workshops Dates:

Montreal in March 2015 (to be announced)


Are you ready?

Most of us have no time to learn. We don’t even know what to learn. We don’t know where to learn. We fear privacy issues and data theft with web based services. Lack of time and fear prevent most of us from being productive when we are on the move. Where can business owners and freelancers learn to work from anywhere with an iPad or iPhone?

This workshop solves those problems. The future of your work is in your “hands”.

Learning the Digital Skills to Work with your iPad/iPhone

This Live Workshop will teach you the digital skills you need to be productive with your iPad or iPhone. After this workshop, you’ll go paperless, edit, sign documents, get paid, track your expenses. You will travel light because all your work will be sync across all your devices. This workshop will help you learn basic skills to work from anywhere with your iPad or iPhone.

Course features:

  • email, contact and calendar best practices
  • edit and sign documents with your iPad, iPhone
  • take digital handwritten notes and sync across all your devices
  • protection of identity and sensitive data at public WiFi hotspots
  • smart cloud based contact management
  • save, share & collaborate work
  • virtual meetings and conferences
  • mobile billing & e-payments
  • simple & safe cloud accounting
  • cloud essentials to sync and find everything, fast

The workshop is divided in 4 parts:

Part 1: You will learn personalize your mobile communication system so you can

  • create a professional and personal email address
  • smartly manage your cloud based address book and Customer Relation Management (CRM) systems
  • sync your calendars and learn to share
  • cloud based phone systems (Skype, VoIP, softphone)

Part 2: You will learn privacy issues, passwords management

  • know and manage security risks of public wifi hotspots
  • manage your passwords, once and for all

Part 3: You will learn cloud basics so you can

  • save, sync and find everything in the cloud, securely
  • manage, share and collaborate from anywhere, securely
  • manage your work, your lists from anwhere

Part 4: You will to work anywhere essentials

  • Edit, save & share documents
  • Sign letters, contracts with iPad and iPhone
  • Skype and Fuze meetings: Simple ways to organize video conference calls
  • Freshbook accounting: expense and invoice anywhere
  • Penultimate: Save your handwritten notes to the cloud
  • mobile e-payments

Workshop Fees, Registration and Locations:

Price: $295 plus HST ($18,69)= $333,35 payable to Suzanne Leclair by cheque or online registration.

2 ways to register:

  • email:
  • call toll-free at 1-877-454-7795 or 1-514-758-0895

Only 3 locations in Northern Ontario this summer: Thunder Bay, Timmins & Sudbury

You’ll need to bring at workshop:

  1. your iPad or iPhone
  2. an active iTunes account with at least $10 in your account (you will be buying a few apps)

Workshop speaker

Suzanne Leclair is the founder of Shift Counsel, a division of Connect Counsel, dedicated to helping  small & independent business professionals learn the digital resources to work from anywhere. Suzanne is also an Ontario digital business lawyer and president of a virtual professional firm. Suzanne is responsible to establish systems and tools to collaborate virtually with partners, colleagues, clients and advisors located in different Canadian provinces and in the U.S. Suzanne splits her time between Toronto, Ottawa, Timmins and Montreal. Despite being a keen technologist, you can still call Suzanne.