Expensify: Expenses On the Run? Fun?

Expensify - Expenses Made EasyI hated doing my monthly expenses when I worked at Fortune 500 companies. I had to sleuth through my bags, my luggage and my car to retrieve all the expense receipts and match them to my credit card statement. I would waste an entire day, usually under managerial “threats”, trying to reconcile my statement and my expenses. Heck, I just hated it just as much I hated accounting.

One of the benefits of running your own firm is that you get to choose the tools that make work, fun and mobile. Online accounting Freshbooks is an example of a great resource to run your business anywhere.

What about expenses? Can it be fun and simple? Enter Expensify with a tag line that reads “Expense reports that don’t suck”. Imagine a simple way to capture and digitize on the run, your travel, business mileage, restaurant receipts and billing.

What I like about Expensify: With the Expensify app, I simply need to pull out my phone, take a picture of the receipt and the Expensify will upload the data. It then matches the receipt information to the expense.  I can also email all my trip information, travel plans and digital receipts to my Expensify email account and save me the burden of having to locate my receipts after the trip. Finally, Expensify syncs with Freshbooks, Dropbox and my Evernote account. All my receipts are uploaded to my primary cloud server (such as Dropbox) so I do not have to scatter my receipts all over different clouds.

Pricing: I also like Expensify’s activity based pricing. For example, a Team plan cost $6 a month. However, my consultants can register for free. This is useful when you are working collaboratively with a independent group of consultants on behalf of a client. Your consultant can submit his time billing and expenses to you with the SmartScan technology.

Expensify works with various banks and credit card companies in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and most European countries.

Yes, it is possible to make expense reports on the run. Online solutions like Expensify make it easy to run your business, anywhere, anytime.

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