Convert your iPad into an ultra portable laptop, like a Macbook Air


I once wished I had a Macbook Air. Going through security at the airport would become just a little easier (in principle, no need to remove the laptop from the bag), the weight would be like that of a magazine and the boot up time would be on demand. One day while listening to a Mac Power Users podcast, lawyer David Sparks described how the Incase Origami Workstation allowed him to write his book from anywhere, even at the airport with his iPad. This workstation even doubles up as a protective carrying case for Apple’s wireless keyboard.

My Macbook Air envy quickly dissipated. The workstation /carrying case ($36) and the wireless keyboard ($69) totaled less then $110 which leaves me with plenty of money to work from any expresso bar I want.

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Suzanne is a "connected lawyer" and a cloud office fanatic. Suzanne helps other professionals like her, work out of the best espresso bars in the world. Suzanne runs, & runs her business anywhere.


  1. Great video. Very inspiring. Never thought I could set up that way.
    Keep up with the great tips.
    PS, I’ve read your whole site. Really enjoyed it!!

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