Cloud Resources

Curious about what resources can help reinvent work? Here are my tested online services powering my cloud office.


Google Apps is the fundamental pillar of my cloud office because I need to stay connected, anywhere. My work is synced in the cloud so I can access my email, my calendar even offline. The two most important features of Google Apps for Business are: 1. the ability to customize my email address and 2. to collaborate online, in real time with my team to seamlessly draft and review contracts, documents anywhere. I don’t travel with an IT genius at my side but it sure feels like it. Google Apps for Business is relatively easy to set up. Google support service team is there to help work things out with their excellent video tutorials and phone support.


Evernote is the swiss army knife of all things remembered. But with Evernote Premium (45$US/year), you become the Jason Bourne of business intelligence. Business cards are easily scanned, OCR and uploaded to your contact manager. Your notes, handwritings, web clippings, PDFs are searchable. You can leverage the powerful Related Notes features and discover instantly how your notes and contacts are related. Scary smart. Share dedicated notebooks with colleagues or family. With a Passcode Lock, Jason Bourne gets an extra layer of protection on mobile devices. Convinced? Sign up here


Freshbooks rescues the anti-accounting and creative crowd. I used to hate accounting. Now, I can create invoices, expenses, on the run. It’s so easy, you can name your child as Chief Financial Officer (ok, kidding). For example, take a picture of your gas receipt, enter your expenses on your mobile phone and you are good in 60 seconds. Quarterly sales tax filings? Done. Want to create estimates? Check. Every week, you get visual snapshots of your financial picture, without the boredom. Hey, if it’s easy enough for musicians, lawyers, consultants and the creative class, you know you are in good company.