A Digital Eye for Your Home, Business (or Family), Anywhere With Dropcam Pro

Dropcam ReviewWith my cloud office, I can work / live in Toronto, Montreal or anywhere with excellent espresso bars. But who keeps an eye on my home or office when I’m gone. Insurance policies often no longer cover damages resulting from floods or hot water tank leaks. Hmmm. That’s why I checked out these next generation of video monitoring systems to address my 21st century problem.

My Perfect Video Monitoring System Should Allow Me to:
  1. View my video camera anywhere with my iPhone, Android, iPad or any computer;
  2. Receive email or text alerts of any detection, and allow others to receive notifications and viewing privileges
  3. Connect through Wi-Fi
  4. Walk through a simple setup, even for non geeks and grandparents
The Test

I tested a few video monitoring systems before choosing a winner:

  1. Lorex Digital Wireless system (399.99$CDN): Good for outdoor use but too complicated to install and did not meet my criteria #1, 2, 3 and 4.
  2. Belkin NetCam HD: Great price (129,00$CDN), easy to set up, even with an iPad. Great customer service, even on Sunday. All 4 criteria were met. The big issue for me was NetCam HD’s inability to connect with Apple Airport Express Wi-Fi base station. The quality of the video streaming was a little blurry, but hey, it worked.
  3. Dropcam Pro: This is by far, my top rated gadget of the year for the business nomad (219$CDN). Let me explain.

Why Dropcam Pro:

  • HD video premium quality: you can see clearly
  • Top audio quality: you can hear footsteps
  • 60 second setup: yes, it’s true
  • Mobile (iTunes & Android) apps to watch free live streaming, anywhere in the world (with Wi-Fi, of course)
  • 130 degrees field of view
  • High powered infrared night vision
  • Zoom in 8X
  • Motion and audio disturbance alerts via text or email messages, instantly (with settings preferences)
  • Share or delegate alert notifications: share the fun. Include friends or family on video monitoring duty
  • Compatible with Apple’s products, such as iPhone, iPad, Mac, Airport Wi-Fi base station
  • Optional cloud recording with 7 or 30 days subscription service ($99 to $299 annual subscription pricing)
  • Activity recognition included in the subscription service: Dropcam learns your motion patterns so to limit false alerts
  • Location awareness based on where you are
  • Responsive customer service.

Dropcam has a great support team. When I first completed my setup, I could not understand why I had this translucent and backwards “Hello” appearing during my night video. I emailed a screenshot of this problem to Dropcam support. Within 10 minutes, I had a gentle reminder to remove the protective seal off my video camera.

The ultimate seal of approval came from my parents. They now have a sump pump channel on Dropcam.  All in all, Dropcam is the perfect Wi-Fi video monitoring system. Don’t leave home without it.

Dropcam Pro

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