About Shift Counsel

My name is Suzanne Leclair. I created Shift Counsel.

Shift Counsel’s obsession is to redesign knowledge work and cloud platforms for the knowledge professional. It’s about showing you how to rework smarter in a connected digital world. I will show you why your cloud platform becomes the foundation for both your cloud office and your digital media brand. You will discover how to digitize and package knowledge work in a connected world. At Shift Counsel, I will:

  • see how other knowledge pros are reinventing work with 21st century business models
  • show how to run a business with a cloud office
  • build a digital platform for your cloud office
  • digitize your workflows
  • provide you with resources to build your cloud platform
  • help you communicate and collaborate with cloud phones and online conferences
  • learn to sell informational products through the cloud platform

Let’s collaborate on the missing digital business curriculum. Let’s shift the way we do knowledge work, today.

The Shift Counsel Story

I live in Canada. I split my time between Toronto, Timmins and Montreal. I am a digital business lawyer and I run a virtual professional advisory firm, specialized in building partnerships in the new economy. My colleagues, partners and clients are located across Canada. I am a technologist so I built a cloud platform to facilitate our work and collaboration.

It was not easy building a cloud office for knowledge pros. I did not want a traditional office. I wanted something modern, cool and creative. Nothing came up. So, I bought Macbook Pro, an iPad and a smart phone. I signed up with online business academies with digital entrepreneurs. I learned about remote work and location independent businesses. The future of knowledge had arrived.

I believe the future of professional work is mobile, collaborative and independent, all at once. I want to share what I am learning as I go. Please join me and let’s build our own cloud platform, together.