3 Tips on How to Use Evernote for Business Pros

Evernote for Business

Evernote for Business

Do you ever get the feeling there are too many apps and software to learn in this wired life? For many of us, the cloud and digital technology are not making our work easier, but rather adding a whole new layer of performance anxiety. I actually suffer from “FOMA” (fear of missing apps).

Fear not. As a newly minted Lean Analytics “Udemy graduate“, I learnt to keep the workflow simple. That was hard for a lawyer. Basic and repeatable steps. Learn. Then iterate. Ok, let’s apply this to Evernote.

Why Evernote? It’s the Go-To Swiss Army knife of all apps. It’s “Remember Everything”. I would add “Find Everything”. I use Evernote to gather:

  • my research, reports, news, including information stored on the web or as a pdf document
  • business cards
  • my handwritten notes
  • my reminders
  • all my scanned receipts, ebooks, membership information
  • manufacturers’ warranties

Evernote is free but if you jump in as a Premium subscriber (which I am since 2011), all your notes (including your handwritten notes) becoming searchable, even offline.

In the video below, I will show you 3 tips on how to use Evernote in business. This video if for knowledge professionals, like lawyers, business advisors, consultants, who are always on the run.

Specifically, I will show you how to use Evernote to:

  1. collect and highlight all of your web and pdf research (and find it, even if you are the most disorganized person in the world)
  2. scan your business cards with Hello Evernote or Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner (or any scanner for that matter – but it’s just so damn easy for the Evernote ScanSnap)
  3. set your Reminders

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