3 Digitization Skills to Reinvent How You Work

My Work is LeanMcKinsey & Company’s latest “Next frontiers for lean”, celebrates one of the biggest idea in the past 50 years, lean management. Lean has transformed operations, prompting even service industries into re-engineering its processes. But, McKinsey reports, ” it has not reached its full potential”.

It has not reached you. Yet. But when it does, you will never think of work in the same way. And that mobile device in your pocket…it will become your personal intelligence system.

Sophisticated companies are turning to digital technologies, predictive analytics and behavioural psychology to get an edge in maximizing productivity.

The great thing however, is that you and I, the knowledge worker, are leading the most transformative revolution in the workplace.  Our BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) movement has literally wrestled modern workflows out of the IT department. 80% of senior executives own 3 or more personal mobile devices. And that’s good. It means our pocket personal intelligence system stays with us, even if we leave the workplace.

But what if you and I acted like a sophisticated company and started applying basic lean techniques to our own work style. Imagine predicting layoffs within your organization. Think what you could do if you could anticipate patterns of behaviour patterns. Imagine redesigning your flexible work style if you had the basic tools.

Well, here’s your roadmap to modernizing your personal development curriculum. Here are my top 3 basic tools we can adopt to stay ahead and join the upwardly mobile crowd:

1. Become aware of the power of behavioural psychology: Take the Predictable Irrationality IQ Test from Dan Ariely and get the Pocket Ariely app for better decision making

2. Learn basic personal analytics. Personal analytics can be a bunch of things. Start with Google Analytics and if you have a personal website. Get the free basic training for Google Analytics here with the guys at Conversion XL. If you don’t have a website, start with your Facebook data (and discover what advertisers like about you….) with Wolfram Alpha Personal Analytics For Facebook. You may not like what you see but you will see how others view you. That’s a big head start.

3. Get a cloud based office with Google Apps for Work. If you are an independent mobile worker, you are likely already using these cloud based work, communication, storage and collaborative tools. But if you are an employee, you have access to the most powerful and flexible collaborative tools to work from anywhere. Moreover, reclaim control over your reputation, your contacts, your work, your privacy and your data. For $80 / year, it’s time to rethink who owns your workflow.

In 2015, we are going to hear a lot about flex and mobile work. We are also going to read a lot more on productivity, layoffs and work transformation.

That’s why modernizing your own personal development curriculum should be your secret action plan for 2015. In the meantime, sign up to my newsletter so you can discover the tools and skills  for your mobile work style.





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