3 Digitization Skills to Reinvent How You Work

My Work is Lean

McKinsey & Company’s latest “Next frontiers for lean”, celebrates one of the biggest idea in the past 50 years, lean management. Lean has transformed operations, prompting even service industries into re-engineering its processes. But, McKinsey reports, ” it has not reached its full potential”. It has not reached you. Yet. But when it does, you […]

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Schedule Smarter in My Gmail?


It’s Monday.I already scored in my digital pursuit to make my cloud work life, simpler. When the Marketing Coordinator at Evernote emailed me this morning to schedule a brief chat, I noticed she was scheduling me with  Assistant.to from TryBetty. Now, if you are like any other professional juggler, hmm, worker, scheduling can be a time […]

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A Digital Eye for Your Home, Business (or Family), Anywhere With Dropcam Pro

Dropcam Review

With my cloud office, I can work / live in Toronto, Montreal or anywhere with excellent espresso bars. But who keeps an eye on my home or office when I’m gone. Insurance policies often no longer cover damages resulting from floods or hot water tank leaks. Hmmm. That’s why I checked out these next generation […]

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Expensify: Expenses On the Run? Fun?

Expensify - Expenses Made Easy

I hated doing my monthly expenses when I worked at Fortune 500 companies. I had to sleuth through my bags, my luggage and my car to retrieve all the expense receipts and match them to my credit card statement. I would waste an entire day, usually under managerial “threats”, trying to reconcile my statement and […]

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